Plight of Women In India.

An ongoing concern for the past years has not been resolved up to the present times- Discrimination. The discrimination defined as an action that denies social involvement or human rights to group of people based on injustice. But why discrimination against woman is perceived? In all legal traditions many laws continue to institutionalize second class status for women and girls with regard to nationality and citizenship, health, education, marital rights, employment rights, parental rights, inheritance and property rights. These varieties of discrimination against women are incompatible with women’s empowerment.

In democratic nation, discriminatory practices begin at the time of birth. The birth of a male child is very much welcomed but in contrast, the family does not ritually recognize girls’ arrival. Engaged to female foeticides, India has observed with less of the women’s population as compared to the men. However, India is in a developing status but is lacking behind the legitimization of women status from many years.

Our country favors that the girls must learn domestic skills and begins to take on domestic duties, such as cooking, sewing, washing, cleaning and supplement the household works properly. In rural areas, it is a strong belief that a son should be educated because, unlike a daughter who after her marriage serves another family, a son will need to support his aged parents

In 21st century, still this kind of thoughts is mostly, envisaged in many families. Although, girls goes to schools and colleges but with the restrictions like they must be in limits while talking to boys. She cannot spend much money as it is apart from her mobility. She must be intelligent; otherwise, they would not be study anymore. Why such instances are not for boys?

A girl was suspended after she was found drinking and coming late night to her hostel. She was questioned for her misbehave by the chancellor in 2012 at Punjab University, Chandigarh. Many questions arose for her suspension that what if a boy did such negligence.

Most of the youth love to enjoy their college life, love to meet friends and chill with them. Even working women dreams of such things. Nevertheless, society has propagated the resemblance of her respect and humanity to save it for her in-laws. Females cannot do the night shifts; they cannot come late or go out in the nights, they cannot speak much or shout loudly as werewolves (brutes) would capture them. Does mandating such restrictions on women decrement the violence against women?

Family’s perceptions especially in rural areas can be determined in discriminating the femininity. It is said that educating the boy is the education benefitted only to him but educating the girl means education for the whole family and even generations too. Opponent to our nation, girls receive lower education opportunity than boys because in the very early age, a girl learns to expect Endurance and modesty. For such social cultural beliefs, a woman always tries to make up an ideal wife and a good mother. Why girl has always directed to sacrifice her individual identity as a good wife and a mother? Even if women have a great achievement in their education, they still have to run their responsibility as a wife and mother.


Discrimination against women is often common at household level. A girl after marriage whether working or non-working has to tend with the job of housewife too. Today in the modern era, somehow women have to live the patriarchal culture. Their values are based on the norms they had learnt from their family and which are judged in their in-laws.

Who really is a housewife? According to the dictionary, “A married woman who manages her own household, especially as her principal occupation, is a housewife”.

However, it is forgotten in today’s era, especially in rural areas, the role of a housewife is not termed as work, her contribution to the family and the society in general is considered to be nil.

The worth of Indian ethnicity can be judged from the place, given to the women. In spite of the amelioration in the status of women, the evils of illiteracy, dowry, ignorance, and economic slavery would have to eradicate fully in order to give women their rightful place in Indian society

Women in naive, preferably instinctive societies are treated as slave and were beaten up; instead of fulfilling their dreams, they ought to take for their lives after marriages. Which law granted such right to men to create Domestic violence against women?

A woman attempted the suicide, as she was unable to meet with dowry demands after her marriage. Her in-laws jolted her for illiteracy remarks. The case remarked in Bihar, 2006.

Does Education system is responsible or poverty increment repels such conditions?

What makes the headlines, more than the foreign flows? Who has asked for the Domestic violence? With every savings of the home, women are link up to woo their family in a proper manner.

The savings are mainly for education, old-age security and health-related concerns. Their own salary cannot uplift their freedom, as their household responsibilities cannot make them to do so. (A very rare case of husband supporting women else it’s nil). However, if women stay at home, then they are increasingly seem as old-fashioned, an economic burden to society and are best ignored.

Thus, IFWE Campaign intends that from birth to old age, women are not a slave or a toy. She is a human who has come to live not to sacrifice. No doubt, sacrifice can be considered as love but what is she getting in return? Empower the women; Education will be liable certainly in you.

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Acid attack !!!



“I have a dream of becoming a charm and Beautiful lady. I don’t want to be in competition but I love to dress up and do make up. The only thing is that I am a girl and I love to do such things which make me happy and pleasant” and this the story of every Indian girl who deserves to be the protagonist of her life, not the victim.
Victim!!!!!! Yes, Victim. A victim of the crimes increasing against women, and occurring in abundance.  One such crime that not only vanishes the girls dreams but also her life, soul and ambitions- Acid attacks, especially on women, have seen an alarming growth in India over the last decade. Acid attacks are a form of violence against women, where the perpetrator splashes a person or object with acid in order to deface or kill them. Although acid throwing, also known as vitriol age, has been a form of violence known to be committed throughout the history, still there has been a gentle rise in the cases documented in recent years, particularly in certain cases of India, which are needed to rationalize abruptly.
Laxmi was only 15 when she was attacked in broad daylight by a man and a woman on a motorcycle. The male attacker, who Laxmi refused to marry, was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2009. The woman was given a seven-year jail term.
Since the assault, Laxmi has spent around one million rupees ($16,638) on plastic surgery, most of it paid by her father’s former employer. Her father was a cook for a New Delhi family. He died in 2012.
Is it a conundrum for the victims that they neither get justice nor the rehabilitation? A Ludhiana Bride Acid died off due to severe injuries after the acid attack on the day of her marriage in 2013. But Justice seems nowhere because as the victim died at the end of the year, the case got closed.
Many victims ought to be as 2013 decision by Supreme Court, had not brought any change instead of suffering. There are no official figures for India but New Delhi-based group Stop Acid Attacks says around three cases are reported nationwide each week.
Such cases are deadly. Such ruthless behaviour of being human discouraged the nation’s pride in case of acknowledging women’s strength. Seriousness is not seen on the part of government in handling such issues. Instances of acid attacks are no longer a rarity in India. Despite this, there are no specific laws that deal with this heinous crime. While these attacks can be attributed to various factors such as the social weakness of women in a male-dominated society, the situation is exacerbated by the general neglect of the lawmakers.
Restrictions against such crimes were done through ban of sale of acids but outcome seems nil.  As acid is inexpensive and easily available, it serves as an ideal weapon for the perpetrators. So far, there is no separate law to deal with acid attacks. Thus, every convict feel free to go against the law and attack on the women’s soul.
The strong correlation between acid attacks on women and the presence of a large number of unjustified cases underscores the need for strict regulation of production, storage, distribution and sale of the chemicals. India has either comprehensive data on the number of acid attacks or the regulatory procedures worthy of mention.
Every human dreams and challenged themselves but why women’s are always challenged physically? Is looking good or rejecting the proposals leads to such dreadful crimes?  Further, as this offence is bail able in certain situations, the punishment does not act as a sufficient deterrent in most cases. The crime of acid attack has a gender dimension in India, with majority of the victims being women. Men who commit these crimes are usually spurned suitors who want to avenge their rejection. Other cases involve denial of dowry by women, caste discrimination, marriage proposals rejection and land disputes.
For India, the most important liability to stop such crimes is to restrict the laws and accomplish them. This is the accurate fact that whole nation knows, then why the government in a democratic country doesn’t apply strong law and strictly mandated on it? Acid violence rarely kills and causes not only physical challenged pains but also the soul of the woman who dreamt of an astrologer, Doctor, Teacher, Journalist and many more. Moreover, a dream of settling a home with the bride look but assailants took away from her and she suffered it for whole life in expectation of the justice for her.
Though, woman’s dreams from married life to her professional life ruined after the acid attacks took place. From looking beautiful to the suspicious career, she sometimes sacrifices for her closed ones but what she gets in return is an aggregate example set by the nation India. Isn’t it??
IFWE Campaign challenged that instead of increase in such crimes, it should not be happen.  Why such offence leads to take place? Because the most powerful reason behind the occurrence of acid attack is the culprit’s ego or mindset which doesn’t finds any solution of dealing with the situations in spite of going for such atrocious crime, such cases are found in large cases as justice is seen nowhere.
For the victim, Rehabilitation must be the solution but treatment costs a lot for which the government should give the help and look after the medical expenses. But before that, government must punish the convicts in a restricted way that it must not be repeated or ensued by any other.
“Let the women’s lives their life, as everyone have the right to do so.
Let they looks like the way they want, they are too meant for fulfilling their wishes and dreams.”

By Ritu Thakur.

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Its a Mind Game!!

Believe it or not, your feelings of not being satisfied with your attire may have an indirect effect on your overall confidence and have the potential to leave an everlasting impression how you interact with others and vice versa. Built-in confidence does not carry as much potential to create an impact in social structures and cultural values.
In our country, which is observing a slow and steady rise in female entrepreneurship, many working ladies are passionate about their attire. On the other hand, house wives in their simple and traditional dresses maintain ritualistic attires. Compassionate with Indian Culture and Western Culture, the priority is western wear but mindsets are still Indian. Dressing, say the psychologists, help in judging the internal state of one’s mind. Dressing and appearance can be seen whereas mind and soul is reflected in the way one carries him/ herself. “One they can see, the other they cannot” was once said by the Queen of England.

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IF WE Campaign


Groom up your respective values

Being Indian, we bow our head, say “Namaste” and welcome everyone. It means “We never stopped being each other”. But these days, if we fathom the deep meaning of Namaste practically, it has changed. Yes, it has changed. Because we have stopped supporting and have become materialistic to an extent that we have started getting afraid of forming a unity, which has totally hindered the social and respective values of women cultures and empowerment.

Naari ki Shakti ko shashakt kr, badlav ko laanaa hai”, has been reduced to a mere quotation. Women empowerment is a much hyped and talked about area but still a misinterpreted and mismanaged one. When we speak of it we say words like, equality, respect, dignity, solace, education, laws, penal acts, reservations. But is it women empowerment! Let us have a look!

From Delhi Rape case to Tarun Tejpal case to the rape of small aged girls, women empowerment is forming a sarcastic angle. Day in and day out statements from high profile figures form the headlines of the major news channels, the most recent being from Mr Arun Jaitly. Supreme Court and our law makers have been trying hard and are still baffled due to the growing crime against women after their enforcing and implementing new laws and acts. Every time a loophole seems to emerge. So how can we empower women if law is not working!!?

For this we have to ponder on what empowerment means. Is it enforcing laws for their protection? Is it giving capital punishment to criminals? Is it making reservations for jobs and education institutes? Is it equal pay for equal work, equal respect and equal dignity?

In today’s era, where even the homes are not safe for them, talking about the external factors is a vague definition of women empowerment. Where should she go? She has no place to take shelter, nobody to look on to.

The answer lies in two basic tenets of Human psychology. Respect and Fear!

Respect, not in papers, not is speeches, not in manners, but in mindsets. When we stop treating women as Second Sex, naming her as Mother, Sister, Wife, Daughter etc and start treating her just a women, without comparing with males, without a meter/scale to measure her abilities, without the prejudice of her body and sensibility, without any shackles of history and physiology we EMPOWER her.

Fear, not of law, not of god, not of hell, but of self-conscience. When we stop using her as an object to satisfy our sexual needs and a child making machine, as a house maker, as a caretaker, as a slave and start fearing our own self-conscience and self-respect we EMPOWER her.

Laws if Empower women can harass men. A viable example is the increasing fake cases of Dowry, rape attempts, money mongering and sexual harassment which have led to an increased suicide of husbands and men at a large. To balance the proportions laws are not an answer to Empowerment.

Many questions arise every year with the abundant increase in crimes against women. Such cases like acid attacks, sexual harassments, teasing, cyberstalking, rapes, domestic violence, honor killing, dowry system and many more have inflated the death of girl. The germ of all these lie in our way of perceiving the existence of women, our treatment of her, our frustrations and our mindsets.

Our unity is our strength as it evokes to maintain our leadership. But in nation like India, we create the leadership in maintaining the records of wrong deeds. With the estimation of National Crime Records Bureau, nearly 90 women are raped every day in India. Also, a gradual increase in rape crimes every year. Along with other crimes against women has not brought up with any improvement in spite of improvements in their happenings records.

You know how to respect yourself as you have created your mindset in order to develop a unique personality in front of everyone. But why not in creating a unique personality that evokes your mindset which gradually increase your mindset values and pays respect towards women and empowers the women strength? Women wants to live because she is the perfect creature who too have the right to live with humanity.

Increase in respective values always determines you. It brings the mind developmental process which is the must need for the nation to change and gross the positive attitude. Women empowerment depends on a number of factors as location, social and financial status, cultural connotations, traditions, and age.

Let’s Join hands for this Campaign of Mass and Class, where we aware the general mass and sensitize and channelize the aware class. #IFWECampaign

IF WE can change our perception, we can change the world. IF WE hold hand together we can make India an example of Women Empowerment.

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An All India Awareness Tour from Kashmir to Kanyakumari (K2K) to sensitize people on the issue of Crime Against Women.

6 Aficionados, 3 Boys 3 Girls, on India tour with a mission to aware the youth of the country regarding “CRIME AGAINST WOMEN”.

They will embark on a 90 day journey starting 5th October 2014 for 16000 KM across the country touching all the major cities, interacting with college and school students, the administrations and people. During this interaction they will be talking about the basic tenets of a sound human being and why people are committing crimes. They will talk about Crime Against Women which includes Rapes, sexual assaults, acid attacks, harassment, domestic violence etc. These guys will also perform Street Plays on these issues. They will put a special focus on the harassment of Disabled or Differently abled girls as the cases have been on a rise from past some time.

They will be enacting dramas and performing street plays all over the country.

Along the trip these people will collect charity for AASRA; A Special School for Differently Abled Children, Jammu J&K.

On this tour they will follow the following route map.

Delhi – Chandigarh –Shimla –Manali –Leh – Srinagar – Jammu – Amritsar – Bikaner –Jaisalmair – Udaipur – Ahamdabad – Indore – Surat – Nashik – Mumbai – Pune – Goa – Manglore – Mysore – Ooty – Kottiyam – Thiruvanthipuram – Kanyakumari – Madurai – Pondicherry – Chennai – Ongole – Hyderabad – Visakhapatnam – Bhubaneswar – Kolkata – Deogarh – Gangtok – Guwhati – Kohima – Imphal – Aizwal – Tripura – Shilong – Gangtok – Gaya – Varanasi – Allahabad – Kanpur – Bareily – Dehradun – Delhi.

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